Intuitive and Meditation

                  Zoom Classes 

To understand the immeasurable, the mind must be extraordinarily quiet, still. ----JIDDU KRISHNAMURTI

I began meditating before I knew what meditation was. My childhood had been filled with chaos and I needed an escape. The Light and unseen beings from the Realms of Light visited me, and so my inner life was activated early. 

Quiet was something I craved because of the yelling in the home.  I innately knew to turn inwards to contemplation. In doing so, I was making myself receptive to the Light and its gifts of healing and peace. For those times that I set aside for myself, I was renewed.

Meditation is meeting God and all of Divinity halfway so you can make a connection that will forever change you. Our ongoing Zoom classes allow you to join us from the comfort of your home.

Email me at for our schedule and how to become a part of one of our classes.