Excerpts from Greetings from the Afterlife

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                                                         “We do not see things as they are.

                                                                    We see them as we are.”

                                                                         ―The Talmud


                                          The Hand of Christ


“Strange is our situation here upon earth. Each of us comes for a short visit, not knowing why, yet sometimes seeming to a divine purpose. From the standpoint of daily life, however, there is one thing we do know: That we are here for the sake of other men — above all for those upon whose smile and well-being our own happiness depends, for the countless unknown souls with whose fate we are connected by a bond of sympathy. Many times a day, I realize how much my outer and inner life is built upon the labors of people, both living and dead, and how earnestly I must exert myself in order to give in return as much as I have received and am still receiving.”

― Albert Einstein, Living Philosophies


I was at home alone and organizing my bedroom closet when I tried to stand up and dislocated my right knee. I fell backward and landed flat on my back. I hit the floor so hard that it knocked the air out of me. Gasping to breathe, I looked for my phone and saw it on the other side of the room. I feared my silent cries for help would be for naught as tears streamed down my face.

From the peripheral vision on my right side, I saw the shape of a hand that looked like it was made from a white cloud. I stared breathlessly at the “hand” as it floated in mid-air across the room. Slowly the hand descended touching my knee and gently set it back into place. Instantly, my leg straightened and landed on the floor and the hand of light simultaneously disappeared. Miraculously, the pain was gone, and I shouted, ‘Thank you, Jesus!’ I only saw a hand-shaped from a cloud of white light, and I couldn’t prove it was Jesus. But I was certain, or I would not have spontaneously shouted His name.

Why would a young Jewish girl from Chicago be thanking Jesus Christ? He was my personal Rabbi since I was a small child. He spoke with me often when I was alone.  He did not present Himself as a religious figure or say He was the Son of God. He came as a friend, mentor, and a comfort. I attended Synagogue with my family and so my conscious mind would not have invited Him. Our union is one of a pure spiritual connection of two who knew one another long ago, and to this day remain connected.

When we over-analyze miraculous events, we talk ourselves out of the marvels God grants us. We are never alone even when life seems hopeless. If we turn to the Light, we find what we need. We might discover a remedy on Earth, or if our time to return Home is near, that will be the outcome.

Divine Guidance told me that our physical death could be considered a Rite of Passage. The more loving deeds we accomplish on Earth, the faster we progress into the Realms of Light. When we shed yesterday’s grievances, we can begin tomorrow anew. Your loved ones in Spirit are observing and loving you, and some are learning by your actions.


We want life to progress, but when we are comfortable, we might become complacent. Contentment can subtly lead to laziness or hopefully to appreciation. To live fully, be engaged and open to expanding your consciousness. Never become so satisfied that you stop learning. Be curious every day and a little dissatisfied so that you look beyond the horizon for better answers to healing, discovering spiritual truths, and a means to bring about peace on Earth.

Do you feel that you can’t carry a tune or sing a note? That’s okay, just find your voice and what you can do creatively. It’s important to develop all aspects of ourselves and not only our intellect or intuition. Balance in life brings more joy and satisfaction.

You might wonder how to get more out of life, be happier, and if the afterlife is real.

I asked Divine Guidance what we need to know; “You have the power to remake yourself with every breath you take. You envision your worst fears and most cherished dreams, and you bring them into your reality. You have the intelligence and the love within you to change your thoughts and feelings and co-create a better world. You are not being judged. You will review your actions when your life on Earth is at an end. You will realize that you always had the choice to rejoin the Masters of Light.

Everything causes a reaction. You will be responsible for what you create. Making judgments is dangerous ground to travel. Judgments hide in the recesses of your mind, barely noticeable, but powerfully impacting your life. The senselessness of judging stems from a lack of wisdom. You cannot judge anyone or anything accurately. You think he or she didn’t like you, didn’t want to be in your presence, or thought badly of you, or did they?

Your physical life places you on stage, and the curtain is drawn back. The stark reality of everyone sitting in their seats with their eyes upon you strikes you where you are most vulnerable. Your fears are revealed to you, one after another.”

“You begin to create a story around the part you are playing.  This creation of yours tells you what they are thinking. Has it anything to do with the truth in the hearts and minds of those watching you? No. This is what you do, and you call it projection. You project onto others what you think, feel, and fear. You do the same with your thoughts about life, death, and life after death. You know nothing when you judge, and we say this with love and respect. Honor yourself and all others by stepping onto your stage in your glory.  When you do not fear, you are free to love and see the truth.” ― Masters of Light

              Extrasensory Perception


“It is the commonest of mistakes to consider that the limit of our power of perception is also the limit of all there is to perceive.” ― Charles Webster Leadbeater


Extrasensory Perception (ESP) is receiving and perceiving information by telepathy or clairvoyance, without using the five mundane senses. Having ESP can be learned if one is not born with this ability. Countries train individuals to tap into their ESP talents to be remote viewers. Remote viewing enables you to perceive a distant target or information without using your physical senses. People able to participate in remote viewing can give information about a person, object, or location that is hidden from view, close by or at a distance.

Messages, premonitions, guidance, and warnings highlight my life. One example was the evening I spent at a friend’s home the night before 9/11. I had a vivid dream that I was walking in the desert in the Middle East. I saw a tent, and I was drawn to enter, even though I didn’t know what I would find.  I saw a pensive looking man with his head bent over a map spread in front of him covering at least four feet of space. Intuitively I understood the meaning of what he was doing, and I saw the terror unfolding. He looked up at me with a sardonic smile, undisturbed by my presence and perhaps somewhat entertained by the fact that I discovered him. I impulsively yelled that I was aware of what he was plotting. I said I would tell everyone about him and stop his plans. He confidently leaned back and laughed as he said, “You are too late!”

I felt inadequate to prevent what I saw. I searched his face for a response to my outrage that would give him pause, but there was no evidence it would be forthcoming. He exuded an authoritative demeanor conveying that I was nothing of a threat. Why specific events happen or are allowed to happen without help from the Light are not always known to us at the time. Everyone has a role to fulfill in life.  However repugnant or pure a person, there will be understanding in the afterlife of your life events.

After his remarks, I was awakened hearing my friend calling for me to hurry and get into the living room. He said I had to see what was happening on television. I already knew. I felt sick at what I was about to see and heartbroken for the loss of life.

Later, in speaking with other sensitives, I learned that I was not the only person to have seen what was to occur. I believe our world needs Divine Intervention for us to restore and regain our humanity and spirituality and help us to co-create peace.

There is more good in this world than evil. Were this not true, the world would be in total chaos. We can change our minds and change our leaders, but most of all, we need to decide that anything which is not life-supporting is not tolerable.

           Animals Pass into the Light


“Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.”

― Eskimo saying


Where do our precious animals go after they depart from this life? I am often asked this, and I will tell you what I have seen.


             I took this photo of an injured deer who came to us seeking refuge on Father’s Day, 2015. We were certain she must have been hit by an automobile and left to die.  Before my husband and I were to go out for Father’s Day Brunch, I had a strong feeling I needed to walk through our yard.  I was drawn to look on the other side of our fence where she was hiding. I startled her for a second, and then we locked eyes in what seemed an understanding that she came to this spot deliberately. I told her we would help her and then went in the house to get William. He immediately set about getting buckets of water and putting them over our fencing for her. I went to the store to buy apples and carrots. We knew immediately our plans for the day had changed!

We spent day and night feeding her, and I gave her energy healing. You can see her back leg injury in the picture. In the morning she was able to get up and leave to join her family. We were so grateful to have helped her. This is one of life’s experiences that makes us feel connected to our beautiful wildlife and thankful for the healing that was accomplished.

I believe that animals select us just as we choose them. I always had stray cats come to me requiring medical help. One time when I arrived in California, a very large turtle had wandered away from the pool and was heading for the street. I quickly got out of the car, picked it up, and placed it back in the water. I was at the right place at the right time to save a life.

We don’t always get to save the ones we love but, this experience with Dawn held an unexpected gift for me, and I hope for you too.

            It was the summer of 1982, and I spent most of the day with friends. When I returned home, I was stunned to find our cat Dawn lying motionless on our doorstep. I bent down to touch her, and I realized that she must have been dead for several hours. Her fluffy long white fur showed no signs of blood or injury, and she appeared to be asleep, except for her cold and rigid little form. Until that day, I never held a deceased animal, and I was struck by a terrible sense of helplessness. There was no bringing her back, and I was sickened that she died alone. Sobbing, I carried her through the house to the backyard patio where I placed her on a chair.

As I knelt to pray for her with my eyes closed, I immediately felt a powerful surge of movement throughout my body. The sensation made me feel as if I would fall forward and hit the pavement, but I did not move a muscle. Everything was happening swiftly and was accompanied by a loud whooshing sound that I thought would render me deaf. Then, as suddenly as it began, it ended. I witnessed a tremendous burst of brilliant white light, alive with energy and appearing out of that magnificence was Dawn, my cat. She was vibrantly animated, and I could feel her joy as if I was listening to her purr.

My happiness to see her was boundless and I sent her all my love. As soon as I understood that she passed into the Light, she effortlessly melded back into its glory and was gone from sight. I learned what I needed to know. The pulsating energy started again and moved through my body rapidly, only this time instead of driving me forward it was pushing me backward. And again the loud whooshing sound surrounded and enveloped me and then just as suddenly it came to an abrupt halt and I was returned to my body.

I realized I was compassionately shown where animals go when they die. Dawn and I were given a gift of farewell. Just as with human lives, animals also go on beyond their physical experiences. Animals are first ushered into the Divine Light until it is decided how they shall progress. Will your dog return as a horse? Will your cat come back to you a different kitty?  Possibilities reside in the afterlife.

It is not a coincidence you are with the animal who is at your side. These beautiful friends join us from one lifetime to the next. I remember owls, dogs, cats, and a horse that have been with me in previous lives. One such animal gave me his name of Horse Spirit, and he made certain I knew he was with me when I was part of a Lakota group.

The day a blue jay landed in the palm of my hand and stared at me was spiritually charged as I felt its little soul and heartbeat. When we open to the nature kingdom, we can have many miraculous unions with them.


                       I am certain that it is absolutely perfect for God spelled backward to be dog.

                                           “A dog has the soul of a philosopher.” ― Plato

Photo of Koda Sr.


Deciding to put a dearly beloved pet to sleep to spare them further agony is a painful decision made with a heavy heart.  Koda Sr. was a great joy and love in my life.

I spent many months with specialists giving him medical intervention while I provided my energy sessions in abundance. Finally, it was evident that he needed to rest and that he gave all he had on June 22, 2004.

My friend Sara was with us in the veterinarian’s office for emotional support when we knew Koda Sr. could not endure another day. I held him in my arms and caressed him as he took his last breath. I felt that all I wanted was to go with him. He had thirteen love-filled years with many people and enjoyable experiences, and his life was well-lived. He gave a lot of love, and in return, he received it from everyone he met. When he took his last breath, I held his head in my lap, speaking to him of my love and gratitude for all that we shared.

It was painfully hard to walk back into the house that Tuesday afternoon knowing he wouldn’t be with us. I remember his passing was a Tuesday because we turned on the radio in the car for the ride home and the Moody Blues song “The Afternoon: Forever Afternoon” began playing. The words touched my heart as I listened to them sing: “Tuesday, afternoon, I’m just beginning to see, now I’m on my way, it doesn’t matter to me, chasing the clouds away. Something, calls to me, the trees are drawing me near, I’ve got to find out why those gentle voices I hear explain it all with a sigh.” Their verses spoke to me of what my Koda must have been experiencing.

I imagined Koda being called Home.  I momentarily looked up at the beautiful blue sky to see two clouds perfectly formed in the shapes of two dogs playing with a ball between them. I was receiving a message that Koda was free of suffering. I understood his message, but tears flowed, knowing I would miss his physical presence dearly.

Sara went to see her friend a couple of days after having said our goodbyes to Koda. She was well acquainted with the dog living with her friend, and so, she let herself into the home. When she entered this time, it was different because the dog was highly agitated and barked non-stop at her. Sara’s friend came down the stairs to investigate the problem.

She found Sara standing in the hallway, not moving because of the dog’s agitation. After a moment, her friend told Sara that apparently, someone close to her just had a dog pass away. Sara was surprised and agreed that yes, her friend Josie’s dog had just passed on. Sara’s friend continued to say that her dog was upset because Josie’s dog came in with Sara, and Josie’s dog wanted Sara to give Josie the message to let him go because he could not move on until she had.

When Sara repeated the message to me, she and I both knew it was true. Koda Sr. communicated from Spirit and made his request known to me, and as an advanced soul, he was capable of this. The animals we love remember the times we shared.

Koda Sr. and I were exceptionally close. We had a psychic connection whenever we were separated, and it lasted long after his death to include this moment.

I have a fond memory from a wintery day in Colorado when Millie and I took Koda hiking in the mountains. I had my hands in my pockets for warmth, and Koda was roaming around as Millie and I chatted. He walked up to me at one point and stared at me, communicating nonverbally. I responded by telling him aloud that his water was in the car but he could go down the small hill and to the left where he would find water he could drink. As Millie watched this interaction, Koda turned around and followed my instructions exactly as they were given. She looked at me in wonderment. She had known me a long time, but still, she was mystified. Millie saw how my hands never left my pockets, Koda, of course, didn’t say the words he was thirsty, so how did this happen? I laughed and told her that Koda and I communicate this way and many others can do this with their animal friends.

Photos were not included in these excerpts.........