What people are saying about Josie Roase - Many know me simply by JC, and so some testimonials are to JC. Thank you everyone!








“During Ride the Rockies, in June of 2010, I was having a hard time riding through fatigue. Several months prior to the week-long cycling tour through Colorado, I was also finding it difficult to train regularly, as my body just didn't seem to be able to get enough sleep.


That fall, I went to my physician for my annual appointment and shared with her that I was experiencing extreme fatigue. My blood tests showed hypothyroid. I assumed that was the cause of the fatigue. However, after months on thyroid meds, I still wasn't feeling up-to-par so I was referred to another physician. After several visits to the specialist, he determined I was not drinking enough water and my kidneys were beginning to shut down. I was also drinking coffee day rather than water, causing symptoms of dehydration and exhaustion, as my adrenal glands were being over-worked. Still, I had a feeling something else was wrong.


A friend had purchased a session for me with JC so I decided in June of 2011 I'd schedule that. During that conversation, JC insisted I needed to see the doctor, and said, "There is something toxic in your body. It's blocking your chakras.” I was argumentative with JC, as I kept saying I had been to doctors and I'd had tests and I had hypothyroid and some kidney issues but JC kept insisting!


Then, JC mentioned she saw a move for my husband and me at the end of the year. I said she must be crazy because my husband absolutely didn't want to move, as he loved our home in the foothills. JC said the move would be through the beginning of 2012. She said my husband would change his mind about not wanting to move, after his birthday, which was July 21. As it turned out, I found a lump in my right breast at the end of July. The diagnosis was Triple Negative Breast Cancer, one of the most aggressive. That began a whirlwind of activity, including a lumpectomy, chemotherapy and a double mastectomy. Fortunately, this was caught early and there was no spreading. During my chemotherapy treatment regimens, my husband said he thought we should move to the city, to be closer to the hospital where I was getting my treatments. We wound up buying a condo in Denver. We closed at the end of 2011 and moved into our new place in February 2012. I hadn't told anyone about my session with JC, as I thought people would think I was crazy. But, after my last surgery and, after we were settled into our new place, I showed my husband the piece of paper that I wrote on during our session. Just as JC said, these things happened. I have my life! We rented our home in Evergreen and are living a simpler life in Denver. JC, you have been blessed with a true gift! May God continue to richly bless you!"  - Lana ​

"JC, I enjoyed your talk at the 2008 Mensa Gathering. Thank you for your help in the audience! I wanted to talk to you after your presentation, but there was such a long line of folks who wanted personal words from you, that I decided against adding myself to the crowd. Best regards from California!"  - Carol ​

“Through a very contentious divorce and the continued fallout along with a diagnosis of Stage IV lung cancer, JC has guided me over the past several years with her healing energy and intellect. In December 2013, I was told I had six months to two years to live. JC saved my life. At one point, I had 16-19 spots that spread to my brain. Twelve were radiated. The doctors told me the new medicine I was taking was not a ‘brain blood barrier drug, meaning they had no evidence the medicine would take care of the remaining brain tumors. During one of several healing sessions, the energy was unbelievable. I saw white light at my third eye like a lightning storm of white light. Vibrations moved through my entire body as I felt alternating heat and cold. My feet were moving, and I felt as if someone was holding my foot. I opened my eyes, but JC was not anywhere near my feet. JC is a gracious gift who fortunately walks this Earth with us. I am cancer free! I am beyond grateful to have her in my life. Further, I am grateful to be alive. – Gail

“Josie has been a facilitator to my spiritual guides for many years. She recently helped me with the passing of my mom. I have come to view the spiritual world, our existing life, and our afterlife much differently. I always feel more light, love, and peace after my sessions with JC.” – Rhonda​

“I came to Josie Roase because my nephew was missing. She told me that he drowned but would be found twenty-three days later. My nephew was directly giving the information to JC that no one else could have known, from his place on the other side of this life. I was upset and told JC that I would not discuss this with anyone. I had to write JC a month later stating that all she had told me came to pass. My nephew was also found where and how she said would transpire. This has been a horrible nightmare for the family, and I thank you, JC because now I know there is no death.”

– Name withheld by request

“I first saw JC in 2001, and I put her in a category of so-called psychics. Seven years later, was I wrong! Everything happened as she said! I made another appointment. I recommend her to family and friends. They all say how accurate she is…but I know that!”

– Tony​

“After my son passed on in 1992, I didn’t want to live. A friend from Mile High Church in Lakewood, Colorado told me about JC being able to communicate with those who died, and I went to see her. She spent over two hours with me the first day, and she told me things from my son that no one else ever knew, including my husband. That day she saved my life and reunited me with my son. Another note to this was that sessions usually are one hour, but JC gave the time we needed. Then when I was driving home, I realized I had not paid her. When I called her we both laughed, and she told me that she was so connected to the other side that in making the transition back she hadn’t even thought of payment. We became the best of spiritual friends and sisters as the years went by. Bless you, Josie” – Sandra​​

My dearest friend Sandi passed on in 2012. The Light received another

Angel but we lost a rare jewel.

“JC, thank you for the messages from my son who had passed on. Your accuracy was helpful. I have met twice with JC, and I have an interest in making contact with those who have passed over. I was asking questions about various friends and relatives when JC exclaimed, ‘MYRTLE IS HERE!’ I immediately knew whom she spoke of, for she was my grandmother. I also made contact with a friend by the name of Ralph who was very pleased with his situation on the other side. I wish people who have experienced a loss could come to a place quickly and have the same feelings I have about the next adventure of life.” – Dennis

“During my first reading with JC, she named my grandmother on my mother’s side, Claire. I then told JC that my middle name was Claire also. After this reading, I became very aware of Claire’s presence. One day, soon after the reading, I was driving home from Colorado Springs, and I was talking to Claire. I felt her presence and love very strongly. It brought tears to my eyes. Later in the week my brother called and offered me the antique upright piano that had been my grandmother’s since he was moving and didn’t have space for it. It is one of the few surviving physical pieces that were hers since she died when my mother was only seven years old.

Then she said that Dan was coming through to be acknowledged. I knew Dan had died at a young age of thirty-five a few years before. Dan said that he was doing a lot of work on the other side. Dan was and is a well-loved friend. He and I did spiritual work together, and I feel him close to me sometimes. JC said that he worked with his hands and was very creative. She had no way of knowing that Dan made jewelry and built many things. I have known JC for over twenty years now, so that first reading was a long time ago. I’ve been consistently impressed and impacted by her accurate readings and profound insights. JC’s messages are not vague but go directly to the heart of the matter. She has given me names and information about things that she had no way of knowing other than through her remarkable gift. JC is the real deal, a loving presence, and an extraordinary person.” – Cathy​

“JC told me the most intimate details of what my father would experience at the time of his passing. I found out she was 100% accurate as my dad spoke of what JC had told me would happen for him! What a comfort! Thank you, JC.” – Carrie

“I went to JC in March 1993. At the time the man I was living with was getting ready to move back home to Minnesota, and I felt like the bottom had fallen out of my life. JC was so clear about the things she saw would happen in my life. She addressed my spiritual life and health. Then she said, ‘I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but here it is: You are going to be getting married and traveling and having fun! He is your best friend first. It’s like he fits like a glove. It’s as if he just shows up at your door with bags in hand.’ I responded with, ‘That is nice,’ but I was still angry about the breakup and in tears. I went home, put the tape away, and got on with my life. Then in March 1994, I advertised for roommates. March 29, 1994, Jay rang the doorbell. I opened the door and the feelings I had at that time were like a domino effect in my chest area, and I leaned back. Jay came in and said that he had flown in from Seattle. As we got to know each other, we were so much alike in so many ways, but he didn’t fit all my pictures. To make a long story shorter, as JC had seen, Jay showed up at my doorstep with bags in hand. He is my soulmate, best friend, and a true partner in life. Jay and I were married six months later. Whenever I have seen JC over the years, she has seen clearly for me. Thank you, JC!” – T.D.

“When I knew JC for just over a year I had already witnessed some wonderful and phenomenal events. My experiences have led me to believe in the validity of her abilities and the accuracy of her work. I met JC for the first time in 1994 when I went to her home for a psychic reading. I had been recommended by another nurse, a co-worker in the hospital, who gave glowing accounts of her experiences with JC. I spent an hour with JC and heard her say things about myself that she could not possibly have known. She spoke with me about my mother and father who are both deceased and gave me messages from them. During my reading, I was given information about a future love that was to come into my life and I am happy to say that has come to be, and as JC said, it is a ‘phenomenal love.’ Not long after I had occasion to be with JC, we gathered with some friends during a meditation. I will never forget the events that transpired, as it was my first experience with trance channeling which JC came through with for us. We were talking about my upcoming trip to California and a visit to my mother’s house for which we were having difficulty selling and closing the probate. JC said: ‘I have no idea what this means but what is Kalamazoo?’ We laughed and said that it was a city in Michigan and immediately I heard an odd-sounding voice from JC As I listened to what she was saying, I suddenly realized it was my mother speaking through JC. The phrases she used were unique to my mother and the things she talked about were things that concerned my mother before she died. I was in a state of awe when JC finished and could barely contain myself. I knew I was in the presence of someone very special.

One of my greatest encounters with JC came in the summer of 1994. It was my birthday, and JC had promised that my birthday that year would be filled with love. As she relates it, she was writing a birthday message in a card for me, and my parents spoke to her and asked if they could also write something for me. She asked that they wait until she finished and she would leave them some room on the card. When I got the card, it started with JC’s distinctive left-handed writing. Then after her message, the handwriting changed to a style familiar to me, though I did not see it at first. Then as I read along, I realized it was my mother’s handwriting only written with the left hand. Her message was one of love and encouragement and a couple of warnings. One was to be careful of someone following too closely behind while I was driving and the second was to be careful stepping off the curb in the near future. After my mother’s message, the handwriting changed into another style I recognized as my father’s distinctive way of writing, especially his p’s and r’s, only written left-handed. His message concerned a solution to a financial problem I was having and approval of the person with whom I was beginning a relationship.

Over the next few weeks, I watched carefully in my rearview mirror and kept myself out of trouble while I was driving. Then one Sunday afternoon my son and I were coming out of the local baseball stadium walking to the lot where our car was parked. As we walked, there were two young women walking behind us and to our side. This is not a busy street even after a ball game, and we have quite frequently been able to walk across without stopping. As we got close to the curb, I felt a little apprehensive, and at the same time, the two ladies passed us and suddenly stopped at the curb. Their sudden stop caused me to look left in their direction just in time to see a car coming from that direction with the driver looking into the passenger seat and not at all at the road ahead. I stopped quickly and put my arm out and caught my son from stepping over the curb and into the path of the approaching car. Immediately my thoughts went to the message from my mother on my birthday card, and I thanked God for bringing JC into my life so that I might receive this warning.

There have been numerous other occasions that have reaffirmed my faith in JC’s God-given talents and the information she provides. I have always known JC’s work comes from God and has never doubted the source which it comes from.” –Burt

“I have known JC for many years and have experienced and witnessed her abilities to help and guide people across a wide spectrum of medical and emotional challenges. During one of my first sessions, she described in great detail one of the happiest periods in my life related to time spent with my grandparents in upper Michigan. In previous sessions, I had never mentioned any aspect of my experiences with my grandparents, and she indicated my grandfather was present, as she described in detail every aspect of their home, furniture, slippers always set by his recliner, the overlook from the living room viewing the trout ponds, etc. She described everything in such detail I was literally catapulted back in time remembering all the joys, love, and adventures we shared. Simply amazing!” – Bill​

“First, work aside, JC is a tremendous and joyful being. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and she is medicine to be around. I have had the pleasure to enjoy and benefit from JC's work in many ways. Her gifts are packaged in different ways depending on the situation and need. I have gone to classes where she exhibits amazing accuracy serving people in their need to have questions answered. She facilitates connection with loved ones with warmth and surety. I was enjoying JC in this capacity when a need for couple’s counseling arose. She seamlessly moved into that role professionally and capably, earning the trust of both me and my husband. Her insights move the work right along, unlike our experience with other therapy. I would recommend JC to everybody.” – Susan

“I have been going to JC for various ‘life situations’ for the past two years and have said numerous times, ‘She is the closest living being connected to God.’ As I was working through some personal growth issues, JC was able to call in my brother Brian, who had passed twenty years ago. Not only was it comforting to hear his messages spoken through JC, he knew pieces to my puzzle of life that helped expedite my spiritual growth. JC has not only helped me heal so many aspects of my life but has also helped my girlfriends and my two daughters. I am forever grateful to Spirit for connecting me with JC as I myself keep getting closer to God through her gifts

During one of my sessions with JC in 2015, she said I would soon meet a man and him, and I would be back in Colorado for my birthday in 2016. All this came to pass. Following this, JC helped guide me on to my next life adventure proving to be even more beneficial for me.  – Liz

“I live in NJ and was visiting my sister in Colorado when she suggested going to see JC I was excited and nervous, but when we got there, JC greeted us with such warmth and a truly welcoming smile. My sister and I sat down and talked a bit, and when JC came in, she was like our best friend whom we hadn’t seen in a long time. It was so comforting to know that she was a ‘real’ person! We talked for hours, but I never felt rushed or hurried or anxious. Having lost my husband and raising my children alone, I needed confirmation that everything was going alright.

After about a month, I called JC, and we talked by phone where she helped me again! She offered some meditation which has helped tremendously; she knew exactly what I needed!

We talked about Guardians, and I researched angels and Masters, and she said someone will speak to me. I had an overwhelming, strong pull to Archangel Uriel which I HAD to tell JC. The urge to send that email was so strong but not something I would normally share. Later on, she said her light got bright, then dimmed, and then brightened again while she was reading my email. I was so in awe because what I knew about Archangel ‘Uriel’ is the ‘light of God.’ He illuminates our minds with information and ideas. In my heart, I feel he was calling out to me because I had so many unanswered questions and I didn’t know where to start. I’m not saying they were all answered, but the fact that these two things connected in a way they did through JC, I am forever grateful. I can’t get enough information and trying to learn as much as I possibly can when I can.

JC: You have made me see so many new things, and the gift of your knowledge and warmth still comforts me even as I sit back in NJ all these miles away and weeks from when we first spoke. I am very happy to have met you!” – Kathy

I have been attending Josie’s meditation classes for several years now.  Josie’s classes are very personally healing, insightful, and uplifting. Each class is a unique experience, as Josie has the gift of knowing the needs of the individual group. I always know that I will leave each meditation with a deeper sense of myself, and feeling closer to the truth within my own life.  Josie has introduced many different spiritual Masters throughout her classes, different ways to meditate, and modes of prayer.  She has been able to give me meaningful messages that have always been accurate. Her classes have not only profoundly shaped my life, but the lives of those closest to me.  Josie’s classes are always centered in love and positivity.  The lessons she has taught and the light she has shared, are intricately woven into my everyday life. These classes are the best spiritual maintenance I’ve ever had… better than the church! I consider Josie to be a Master.  Mary Page; Denver, CO


 Josie is such a very gifted healer, medium, and teacher! She has helped me clear up physical issues as well as connected me to my loved ones who have passed. I've attended her mediation classes and learned how to put into practice techniques that I can use every day to help me live a happy and healthy life. I highly recommend Josie Roase for guidance, healing, and mediumship. Deb P.


A most gifted person indeed. Josie has touched my life very deeply. I can not say enough about the insightful, caring, gifted person Josie Roase is. My life is fuller and richer in so

many ways for having a truly gifted healer touch my life. I know she will touch yours also. Kathleen Hines


The Reconnection with Josie literally gave me back my life.  I was floating through life, living for others, and I had completely lost touch with my own desires, goals, and needs.  After my reconnection, I reunited with “me.”  Within a few months, I moved both my house and my business and met a wonderful man.  Since I am finally in touch with my true self, I am enjoying the first healthy relationship I’ve ever been in.  The Reconnection with Josie shifted my entire world, and I am much healthier and happier. Alison; Denver, CO


"I suffered from hot flashes and other horrible symptoms for three years after going off of

hormone replacement therapy.  I thought it would never end....but it has now after this work.  I

first had Intuitive Sessions, then The Reconnection with Josie, and thought I was so blessed

to have found her.  Then I heard about the Psych-K Sessions with Josie.  These have

been some of the most incredible gifts in my life!  I can honestly say that I feel thirty years

younger and have my life back.  So much more in addition to this has helped me, that I

cannot address it all here, but to say.............Thank You Josie for doing this work with me!! 

And thank you for the very specific and accurate messages from my relatives who passed

on...Amazing!! No more hot flashes!!!  V. Winkler; Denver, CO


"Josie has been doing the Psych-K with me and as an R.N. with the Army here in Colorado, I am interested in many ways to help people heal.  I have to tell you that this work for myself, my dog, and my entire life, are positively transforming and healing."  J. Peterson, RN, US Army, Fort Carson, CO  


 "Josie did The Reconnection for me as well as amazingly accurate messages from those who passed on.  I never knew of this world and it has brought a dimension of life to me that I was missing.  After The Reconnection my intuition has become so heightened, that while receiving a massage, the therapist asked if I was intuitive, because she had a vivid rush of psychic energy from me.  My life is transforming more quickly and easily than I could have hoped for."  Paul Gallender; author of Sonny Liston: The Real Story Behind The Ali-Liston Fights. Website: www.sonnyliston.net    


“After a skiing injury, I went to Josie Roase for The Reconnection.  Several days after completion, I am

experiencing the best day that I have had in eight weeks.  On a scale of ten being in the worst pain, I am at a two today!”   I am reporting this now weeks later, after I have now begun healing sessions with Josie in person, as well as over the phone.  I am amazed at the pain relief!"  Pamela A. Knight, M.D., Castle Rock, CO


“After The Reconnection, I feel like a million bucks!" Rev. Eryn DeFroot; Denver, CO


 “My sister, who had passed on years earlier, gave Josie messages for me that no one else could have known about.  My heart was very comforted by that experience.”  Jean Moore, Basalt; CO


 “I witnessed a miracle as Josie restored an animal back to life after its having been hit by a car.  My life then took a spiritual turn after witnessing this: I believed in God again.”  Bruce Morrison; Boulder, CO


 “Josie, I enjoyed your talk at the 2008 Mensa Gathering. Thank you for your help in the audience! Carol Butzbach.


 “After day two of The Reconnection I was 90% pain-free and a very bad bruise completely disappeared. Tammy White; Thornton, CO


  "I first saw Josie in 2001 and I put her in a category of "so called psychics".  Seven years later, was I wrong!  Everything  happened as she said!  I made another appointment. I recommend her to family and friends.  They all say how accurate she is... but I  know that!” Tony C.; Denver, CO


 “I’ve always been impressed with your guidance.  Thank  you!” S.C. Ph.D., Denver, CO


"Josie"s readings and classes inspire, bring about healing, and she teaches in a way that brings everything into focus.  And the the awareness of Unseen Beings of Light makes it all the more wonderful to be in these groups."  Lee Prevost; CPA, Denver 


 “Josie, thanks so much for the information about my kitty. You were accurate and so helpful!”  Jennifer Tollefson


"I never before had seen light like I have heard others talk about, until day two of The Reconnection with Josie.  With my eyes closed I saw a brilliant white light during the session, as well as after it ended.  I first saw the light flash immediately when I closed my eyes and then was aware of energy in my legs so strongly that they were shaking." Marcel Carneiro; Denver, CO


"The evening of Joe's passing (Josie's Dad and my husband), we were on the phone and suddenly Josie said that Dad was in the room with her.  He told me, through Josie, about remembrances he had of when we were in high school.  He accurately described to Josie the dress I wore and many other beautiful memories. What a gift!" Leanore Spitzer; Columbus, Ohio


"Josie was doing The Reconnection and I remembered her saying that she would not be touching me in any way.  I felt such pressure on my ascending colon that I opened my eyes to look and Josie was clear at the other end of the table and nowhere near this area.  After the session, I drove home feeling a great sense of joy and well-being."   Don Hemmerson, DVM; Greely, CO


"The Reconnection was great!  I felt like my ears were on fire at the beginning and at one point I couldn't even feel the table.  I saw a bright light that hovered over my third eye and then started to feel myself return to my body."  Jennifer Flynn; CO


"Josie thank you for the messages from my son who had passed on. Your accuracy was helpful, astonishing and comforting."  Leah White; North Carolina


 I have so many, many testimonials, that I have not yet listed.....so please let me thank each and every one of you for taking the time and having the willingness to listen and respond to healing, light, and truth......blessings! Josie ~ JC

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