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Updated: May 9

Others such as myself, were born able to communicate with the Spirit Realms, God, angels, Masters, and those who passed on. We are known as Mystics, Mediums, Spiritualists, Psychics, Intuitive Guides, and Trance Channel Communicators for the Intelligence of the Light (the Intelligence of the Light is another descriptive of one we term God). I wasn’t taught to listen for the unseen messengers—I was born with this ability. I grew to appreciate that having a distinctive skill is a quality of a visionary. The forerunners of great endeavors must be diverse thinkers with an open mind.

Everything I know about life after the physical death has been from meeting with loved ones, friends, Masters of Light, and ones who wanted to get a message to someone left behind. You might have had your “Women’s Intuition” or natural psychic ability since birth also but haven’t used or developed it yet. Receiving information from the Realms of Light is a superior method of making choices.

I do not use Tarot Cards or any form of divination since the information has always come directly to me from the Light. We always begin the session and then you ask questions. Many predictions are "As it is seen now," so if you do not want something to occur it is up to you to change the course of events. Information from the Light is to give you more knowledge to make your best choices.

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