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Updated: May 9

Where do our precious animals go after they leave us and this life? When my cat Dawn passed, it was the first time I ever held a dead animal. As I knelt to pray over her with eyes closed, I felt a tremendous surge of movement throughout my body. The sensation made me feel as if I would fall forward and hit the cement pavement, but I did not move a muscle in my body. This was accompanied by a loud, whooshing sound I thought would render me deaf. Then, as suddenly as it began, it ended. I witnessed a tremendous burst of brilliant white Light alive with energy, and from out of that magnificence appeared my cat. She was vibrantly animated. I could feel her joy as if I was hearing her purr. When I realized she passed into the Light, the energy moved through my body once again, only this time, instead of pushing me forward, it was moving me back. Once more, the loud whooshing sound surrounded me and then just as suddenly came to an abrupt halt. My soul was returned to my body. I was compassionately shown where animals go when they die. Their lives, like ours, continue beyond their physical experiences. They are first ushered into the Light until it is decided how they shall progress. Will your dog return as a horse? Or perhaps your cat will come back to you a different kitty? Both possibilities happen.

It is not a coincidence that you are with the animal who is at your side. These beautiful friends of ours join us from one lifetime to the next. I have recalled a large black panther, owl, dogs, cats, and a horse that have been with me in previous lifetimes. Some revisited me from other lifetimes for which I am grateful. The day a blue jay landed in the palm of my hand and stared at me was emotional as I felt its little soul giving love. When we open to the nature kingdom, we can have many miraculous experiences with them.

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