"I Didn’t See This Coming


I came to realize that Josie was doing what she was born to do when she receives communications from beyond and shares them with us. She has the ability to cross worlds and communicate with others who have passed on. Her messages are real and accurate, and her gift is genuine. But why me? How did I manage to hitch a ride on this amazing journey with two remarkable souls?

Josie had provided many people with absolute proof of the afterlife long before she knew me.  It had taken me more than thirty years to learn about the things in Sonny’s life that he was telling Josie. I can verify the authenticity of more than sixty pieces of information that came from Sonny through Josie, many of which are so little known that I’m probably the only person who knows about all of them.

That’s what thirty years of research and dedication has earned me. But that’s not the only link between Sonny and me, nor is it the most important one.

I believe the reason I was drawn to Sonny was much more than an appreciation of his enormous boxing talent. That alone would not produce the connectedness I have felt with Sonny for most of my adult life. Sonny told Josie of three past lives she shared with me.

In one of those past lives, the three of us knew each other."

— Paul Gallender, Sonny Liston biographer


Years ago, in the 1990s, I knew an astrologer who predicted, "Later in life you will hear from a man in Spirit. He will want you to write his story and his words, and you must do this." Her name was Esther, and she was a dear friend and very accurate in her astrological readings. She never told me the man was the former boxing champion of the world and highly unpopular, although known for his remarkable strength. Boxing? I had no interest in people harming one another and calling it a sport. Was I ever in for a big surprise! If ever I doubted that people  can change in the afterlife when given the opportunity, Sonny proved to me that anyone can redeem themselves if they so desire. His words are heartwarming and enlightening.

More than twenty years later I had forgotten what Esther had said. Then I met a man, Paul Gallender, who had written a biography, THE REAL STORY BEHIND THE ALI*LISTON FIGHTS.  I had never known of Charles "Sonny" Liston. I had to go to the Internet to find out who Sonny Liston was when Paul told me about his soon to be published book. In a short span of time, Paul and I realized why we met. It was to fulfill Esther’s prediction of an agreement I had made with Sonny lifetimes ago, that I would write for him while he was in the Light and with me in the physical. Paul reminded me of my contract with Sonny.

I never read Paul’s book until I was almost done with mine, and then only a brief portion. Sonny was a feared and much-hated man who didn't show the world that he wanted love and peace.  When he was with children his laughter and love poured out from him.  


When Sonny passed into the Light, he transformed himself into a Being of Light and wisdom. It is miraculous who Sonny has become and the words he has written. He graced the pages of my book along with the writings of Jesus Christ, which was a dream of his.

He found peace in the afterlife that he never experienced in his physical incarnation. Sonny shares brilliant and loving guidance in my new book, Greetings from the Afterlife.

We don't have to wait until we die to realize our potential, find peace, and learn to love.  Right now is the moment we are given in which to create. Our awareness of what is possible is limited if we look at life one-dimensionally. There is an entire universe to connect with through meditation, and a host of Divine Guides ready to assist us in our growth.

Contemplate what you want in life and write it all down. Then write what you want in life as if you can have it all now.  Next, sit with the feelings you have about what you just imagined. Does it make you happy?  Will it add to the quality of life for others?  Is your vision life supporting for all people and the Earth?  Can you allow yourself a moment of trusting that you are capable of greatness?  If your future story is all of the above, and you can believe in yourself, the heavens will move mountains out of your way to support your goals.

"I had the briefest of moments of thinking, I don’t want to be this man I keep on being. I don’t want to hurt anyone. I don’t want to keep on hurting. But I missed the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow because I didn’t know how to be anything else. I had forgotten all about the Light that is in everything and everyone. I was in darkness, and I escaped it every chance I could, or so I thought. Darkness was all I knew most of my life. At the end of my life, when I released this body I let go of the death that held me tightly from birth to death."  ― Sonny Liston, taken from his writings in "Greetings from the Afterlife."

“Death the last voyage, the longest, and the best.”

― Thomas Wolfe




The text, A Course in Miracles, says that the miracle itself is not what matters, but instead the Source of the miracle. If we first consider that statement, it doesn’t seem true. The miracle matters if an unexpected event occurs and saves your life or your child’s.


But if we look deeper, think about what lies beneath the surface of a possible tragedy turning into a manageable circumstance. When we take the time to align with the Light, God, and all of Divinity, we can co-create miracles all the time, with our intention and most successfully. Why settle for the glory of one miracle when you can access and participate in unlimited miracles?


I have survived horrific abuses and my survival has been a miracle.  I have always felt that it was important to share the miracles in my life to show others that they too can overcome painful assaults.


I have also had miracles of joy, unexpected but greatly appreciated. Sometimes I would worry about not having what I needed and someone would appear with the answer to my prayer. Other times, God or a Being of Light or a Master of Light, would grace me with assistance. There is no limit to how many or what type of miracle you can manifest.


And so, when I need a miracle, I don’t focus on the miracle, but the Source of Miracles. I do this with prayer and meditation. I use visualization and I conclude with gratitude. If you want love, embody the thought, feelings, and actions of a loving person. Love will manifest in your life.


Recognizing a miracle is important so that you become a part of the process. Begin today, look at your life and what you need help in healing or understanding. You don't need the answer immediately. You require the door to open, to allow your mind to perceive that it is not a problem at all. In fact, the solution is simple. Know this and accept your miracle that will be forthcoming.