Miracles In My Lifetime

I feel it is right since my home page speaks of disappointment I have endured, to include this portion of some of the miracles I have witnessed and experienced. It would take an entire book to share all the spiritual wonders of my life, but here is a sampling for you to contemplate. I hope you begin to notice the miracles in your life—past, and present and be more aware of the ones the future holds for you. I will keep these brief but still give you a sense of what is possible.


I was raised Jewish, and as a child began having visits from Jesus Christ. I feel He came because of the horrific conditions of my childhood and the destiny He was preparing me to accept. The future I speak of has been the use of my spiritual gifts to help others.

When my Auntie Ann passed, it was a terrible loss for me. She was one of the very few adults who exuded loving kindness. I was a young woman in my twenties, and the funeral was unbearable even though I knew of the afterlife. I would miss her love and compassion.

 About fifteen years later, I was on a plane when an infant held by her mother began crying incessantly. I looked over at the mother and, with sympathetic tones, asked if I could do anything. She told me if I would hold the baby, she could rush to the lavatory, and that would be so great a break for her. When I stood up and looked at the tiny infant, the mother told me the child’s name was Ann.  Additionally, the baby girl had the same deep cleft in her chin that my Auntie Ann had.





To magnify the miracle, the tiny blessing ceased all crying, stared at me, then smiled. Her mother said I had the magic touch as I held her calm and quieted little girl. When the mother was gone for a brief few minutes, I distinctly heard Divine Guidance telling me that this was indeed my beloved Auntie Ann reincarnated, and they wanted me to know of this. What a gift I received!!!

My grandson had been born with an autoimmune problem, and we frequently rushed him to the emergency room. One night as my daughter sat holding him, she stated how very hot he felt. We took his temperature, and it was one-hundred-and-five degrees. I took him, held him in my arms, and prayed fervently for healing. Almost immediately, a male from the Realms of Light wearing a monk’s robe appeared before our baby. I saw him as if he were human. He had the kindest eyes as he leaned forward and touched our child. He disappeared, and then our treasure opened his eyes to look at us. His skin was now an average coolness to the touch, and he said he was hungry. I had asked who it was that helped us and heard, I am Padre Pio.     









I asked my daughter to say thank you to Padre Pio, as did I. After the commotion was over and we were all settled, I went to the computer to find out if a man by the name of Padre Pio could be found.  Not only did I discover who he was, but that others also sighted him after his passing.












One wintery day I was driving with my daughter in the car. The ice and snow were brutal, and our vehicle suddenly began to spin. I looked in the rearview mirror at the oncoming traffic behind us as my daughter screamed that I was going to kill us. I tuned her out as I focused all my attention on us coming to a correctly positioned stop where it was safe, and no traffic came within hitting us. My words to her repeatedly were that we are safe, we are fine, we are safe, we are fine. In moments after my declarations, I regained control of the car, we stopped in the pullover lane, and the traffic went on ahead without us. Because nergy follows thought, I used all my power, focus, and positivity to envision our successful outcome.

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Christ the Redeemer