What An Intuitive Reading Offers You


            Everyone was born with intuition; some only listen when they are in dire straits. 


            The main reasons to have an guided reading from a loved one in Spirit, Master of Light, or your Teacher from the Realms of Light, or a session for Mediumship  (you speak with someone who has passed on) are to:

        *  Gain more information, peace, and healing. 

        *  When you have more options known to you, better decisions are made.

        *  Communicating with loved ones, people, or pets, helps them as well as you, to gain peace.


           If the reading becomes contaminated because the reader and recipient are “chatting,” then it’s possible to confuse counsel from the guidance as opposed to an opinion.


          You decide if you want to follow the information Guidance offers. You can modify the outcome by accepting or rejecting what you are told. You can delay, speed up, or prevent something from happening. You can block me from receiving information. A husband or wife wanted me to change their spouse’s mind, and I do not do that.

          Karmic laws balance everything. It is best not to dwell on the upsets, but rather to rejoice in the celebrations.


         If you have a negative experience with a reader, it is your responsibility to end the session. When someone is lying and you know it, you don’t have to confront them. Life will teach them! Be true to yourself and value yourself! Keep your sense of humor to survive life’s challenging moments.  See everything as a learning experience.