In Illness and Health

                                    IN ILLNESS AND HEALTH


In illness and health, we are still immortal. Yes, immortal. So, the question to ask is, how do I remain healthy so I can enjoy my time in this physical body?

Here is the absolute truth: Not everyone will be healthy all the time. Some seem almost never to get more than a cold while others are challenged from birth.

Is there some divine plan that has preordained certain people will be without limbs and others are successful marathon runners? Yes, there is, but you were a part of that decision making before you incarnated.

I have heard talk that the Bible predicted the very fires, diseases, and fighting that is ensuing around the globe. Some people are calling 2020 a part of the End Times mentioned in the Bible.

It is up to each of us to create self-fulfilling prophecies. The “Sleeping Prophet,” Edgar Cayce, spoke of predictions as warnings for humanity to make the necessary changes to avoid his dire forecasts. And still, some people insist on a pandemic as punishment for humanity’s wilfulness. It would be better for us to be compassionate and helpful, healing one another.

Having had health challenges in my lifetime, I have learned to know myself quite well. My childhood was inundated with sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. I have long known that the stresses put upon this body caused the immune system to break down. The results were a myriad of stomach problems, allergies, and poor self-esteem that took years to repair.

For everyone rushing in fear to avoid the current pandemic, you would be better served to remain calm. Panic only creates confusion in the mind that prevents good choices from being made.

Common sense, coupled with dedicated spiritual practices such as effective prayer and meditation, will see you through any challenges. Once you have communicated with the Realms of Light, fear will be no more. We are here to wake up and remember we are beings of Divine Light housed in a fragile, temporary body.

The beloved healer, Bruno Groening, taught millions of people to go into what he referred to the Healing Stream. This stream was not a body of water, but rather a flow of energy or God Energy more aptly. He suggested listening to loud music to drown out the mental chatter. Then you would focus on all the negativity you could and discard or destroy each item with the method of your choice, be it fire, water, or? When you could think of nothing more to worry and fear, then create from the Divine Light all of your positive desires.

Jack Young was a spiritual development teacher with a healthy following while he was living in Colorado. I particularly liked his Bowl Lesson. Jack taught his students to place their fears and worries on paper and put their writings into a shoebox or other carton to their liking. Make sure the plain or pretty carton with the concerns is in a visible location. Daily when you see the box with all your woes, remind yourself you turned everything over to God or a Higher Power, and they are no longer yours to solve. Give thanks daily for the Divine taking charge of those burdens. You must passionately believe and release for this to be effective.

I talk to God and the Powers of Light that be all the time. Sometimes I speak silently to myself and other times aloud. What is important is that I know I am always loved and never without Beings of Light and Divine Angels. I concede this does not mean they will solve or resolve those things I must face and learn to handle. Experiences are why we are here, to learn quickly and return home to the Light.

Never blame yourself when you have made a poor choice—rectify the damage and do not repeat the action. If you continue to lie, steal, cheat, harm, and destroy with your behaviors, you are not remorseful and have not learned. One day you will be on the receiving end of how you have dealt with others. Remember, this is not a negotiable result for everyone is held accountable for their actions.

During your lifetime, you will have moments of uncertainty. Learn to listen to the voice that speaks to you that we call intuition. Your intuitive self is your God-self speaking to you—Listen. When I listen for others to give them guidance from the Realms of Light, I do not judge. Often, what I am telling someone makes no sense to me; however, I say it, knowing they will understand. Developing your spiritual skills may take time, yet the reward will be great. Imagine hearing the voice of your higher self, divine self, and God, guiding and directing you. Imagine!

In illness and health, be still and draw from the miracle of life that has placed this in your path. You have something to grow from during this time of testing. Perhaps, your illness is not your lesson at all, but to teach others not to judge and to have empathy. Maybe those around you need to learn selflessness and to show up for others in need.

Life and its many teachings are not always what they seem. A person could be born a paraplegic because they agreed before this lifetime to teach others through their infirmity. You cannot rightfully judge what you do not understand. Again, be still, be quiet, go within, listen, and learn and love yourself through all of your trials and tribulations.

Blessings are yours.