I walked into the body of Barbara when she was thirty years old. Barbara had predicted her death in childhood, but no one knew how that would unfold, including her. From there, my experiences with the Light continued to grow.  


My spiritual gifts of Mediumship (speaking with those who have passed) and helping countless people to find answers in the Light, became my vocation, and led me to write this book with God, the Masters of Light and many others.


I share miracles in my memoirs, alongside how I learned my lessons the hard way. I am hoping that by my example, you might graduate more joyfully from this school of life on Earth.


Through meditation, I was able to be in union with the one we call God on October 18, 1999. You too can achieve this when you are ready, and you will be forever changed.

Greetings from The Afterlife

Healing Herstory History

GREETINGS FROM THE AFTERLIFE is more than a book; it is a living entity with its only constant being a kaleidoscope of information from sources outside of one’s ability to imagine. It is without limits and beyond conventional knowledge.

The experiences I have lived transcend the physical realm we know of and count on to ground us in reality. However, our existence must expand further than the Earth if we are to grow and become all that is possible.

When I asked God; Why did you choose me to speak to the Light? God answered; “You chose Me.” In Greetings from the Afterlife, the messages from the Light come with infinite wisdom, and sometimes from unlikely sources. Healing Herstory and History takes us back in time, revealing who we once were and how we can return to balance and harmony.

People who did not survive the Shoah-Holocaust make their voices heard. Charles “Sonny” Liston, a tortured soul who found peace in the afterlife, tells us of his transition from death into the Light, as he speaks to me years after his physical demise.


You will read about a precious animal restored to life, and how it changed one man’s spiritual direction leading him back to God.


Abortion, a painful and confusing topic, is explained with healing grace when the Light tells us what we need to know.