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God’s Prayer For Mine Enemies

“I have no enemies, for if I had, surely My love would change them.
They may come with swords drawn, but they soften in My presence.
Many have sought to deny Me, but in their final hour, they beseech Me.
As babes in swaddling cloth, I hold them close to My heart.
I love them, though they have no love for themselves.
I hear them when their minds are too weary to think.
I see them as they pretend to be other than whom I made them.
I open their eyes when fear threatens to take them too far from Me.
They see what they could not imagine as they behold My Light.
When their feelings alert them that they are safe and secure, I release them once again to try to live a life of peace.
I watch over them as they fall and help them to get back up once more.
Some call out to Me to bring them home.
Others beg of me to allow them to remain as they are.
None of these knows of My great plan for their joy, for were they to remember, they would not be flailing as if caught in a stormy sea.
Many have come to speak My words to correct your deeds, to heal your wounds.
Always miracles given unto you are aimed with precision, though their mark is not felt.
An angry tide cannot soothe the crying child; nay, calm yourself, calm yourself.
Silence must come to the raging winds borne from your ways.
Allow the waters to cleanse you, the sun to feed you, the Earth to home you and restore her balance. She too is My child and loved dearly by all that I AM.
Bow to the dignity of your own Spirit and you will find Me there.
You cannot forever attempt to live your life in denial of all life.
The plan you think you have made is but a short tale of fantasy.
You will awaken to the greater plan for your destiny.
First, you must leave behind the old ways of harboring grievances.
Fists must be opened to hold My gifts I send lovingly to you.
Behold; the Days of Wonder approach, but only after your surrender.
I keep all My promises; now it is time for you to do the same.
Trust in the heart of your heart to hear Me and follow My path to peace.
Those who stand steadfast plunging themselves further and further into the deep; they who have slain My children as they cried out My name; I heard you and brought you into
My Home to leave those lands to the ones who cannot see.
Trust in Me and turn to Me, for I AM always with you.
Blind yourself to the visions that haunt you and seek refuge in My Home,
which awaits you.
Do only that which you know is kind to all of life and life upon your Earth will grow.
Leave the ones who destroy to Me, for I AM here though your faith weakens in the face of what you perceive as an absence of Light.
You will leave this place, I promise, to find those whom you cared for and they for you.
Reunions abound, and a mighty rejoicing will come.
Inhale My fierce loyalty, for I love you so and trust that I AM with you,
Now know, you must exhale My breath to all who would share with you their love.
I AM believing in you.” 
― God, G-d, Love, Light, Hashem ( descriptive of the Creator of creation).

From the Masters of Light ~

 *     “You have the power to remake yourself with every breath you take. You envision your worst fears and most cherished dreams, and you bring them into your reality. You have the intelligence and the love within you to change your thoughts and feelings and co-create a better world. You are not being judged. You will review your actions when your life on Earth is at an end. You will realize that you always had the choice to rejoin the Masters of Light.
― Masters of Light

From Josie's sharing ~

*     "An unconscious woman about to be admitted to an intensive care unit was revived during an energy healing initiated by Spirit. She regained awareness, and her breathing tube was removed.
          I stood close by observing her recovery when she whispered to me, “Who asked you to interfere?” She hadn’t anticipated a happy future, so she wasn’t interested in living any longer. She was intuitively aware of my involvement even though her conscious mind was not. Although she considered death a solution, it wasn’t her time, or she wouldn’t have been healed.
         The appearances of health and healing are complex. Illness, like death, is a matter of perception. We might think we want death when what we desire is a happier life, but we haven’t discovered how to make that happen. I looked at her, knowing that her future held better times for her, and I was glad she would someday have happiness."

 *    "Time, like a soft summer breeze, barely noticeable, silently caresses you. You’re faintly aware of a change. It could be that you feel a bit cooler and renewed, but it is subtle. Then the sun starts to wane, and it becomes more of a curiosity that you are morphing, but into what?                
           Hopefully, this will not be catastrophic as you feel an ache in the right knee and a kind of twinge of pain at the base of your neck.  You wonder, did you ever have a choice, or was there a plan you didn’t know about that would mold your destiny? You glance down and look at your hands, and in the same millisecond you feel a slowing in your gait, a slight droop in posture, and it hits you like a thunderbolt of awakening, it was the passage of time you so cunningly ignored. If you didn’t give it any attention, you fancied the idea it would not find you. A dread of feebleness threatens your peace of mind as you tell yourself you will not become your parent or grandparent, or that neighbor down the street they took away in an ambulance last week. 
            The clock was ticking, it was there all along, but you effectively ignored all its warnings to appreciate every moment. Time was recording your every intent and lost opportunity. Why weren’t you present in each of those flashes of what ifs? Now you are left with memories, some comforting and others with unmet yearnings. Time. Why didn’t you make the most of it? You wouldn’t horsewhip an animal, but there you are, lashing out at yourself for lost time.
           Memories; jewels and jesters taunting you to choose how you will remember all those years that are gone now.  Get a grip you say, as you stand more upright, take in a breath and let it out slowly. Everything is all right, just breathe. Your heart is still beating, so what shall you do with the time you have left? What shall you do? What might your life yet become?"


 *     "A life begins, and for some, it is sweet, warm, and wrapped in love. You carefully count ten tiny fingers and perfectly formed toes as you gaze into those beautiful eyes that hold the promise of joy. I too have these memories. The skin is silky soft to the touch with a scent so purely intoxicating that you vow, right then and there; you would give your life to protect this precious little bundle of joy. You draw your child closer to you and thank whoever is responsible for this treasure. If you didn’t believe in God before, as you are falling hopelessly in love, you might hear yourself saying; Thank you, God.  You drift off into a peaceful slumber that envelops you in bliss. You pray that time will stop for a while and everything will remain just like this. The only thing left to complete this picture would be the sounds of harps playing melodiously and cherubs surrounding you and your cherished infant. Yes, for right now, your dreams have come true. Life, however, has many variations and my beginning was remarkably different.  Mine was a gift, but one you might never have imagined."

From the Masters of Light discussing Herstory

  *        "In herstory that has been kept secret for eons, touch was used for communications as well as to heighten intuition. People would meditate together in a fashion that involved touching. With their eyes open or shut, they would caress the body of one another. They became so attuned to their partner that they knew quickly if an illness was developing and how to remedy the imbalance through the Light they shared. This was practiced and enjoyed more consistently than the act of sex.  Aromatic scents and soft colored lighting were also used to enhance sensitivity."




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Sara Johnston

5.0 out of 5 stars  Open Your Heart

April 10, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I have read many books about dying and the near-death experience, as well as those that offer channeled messages from beings who have passed. This book is so very different. Greetings From the Afterlife is a true gift in that the author, Josie Roase, has been through it all and joyfully and honestly shares her experiences in all of these realms.

The poignant and pertinent quotes that introduce every chapter provide food for thought or meditation; a prelude or study guide for what is to come. What follows are the stories, the teachings, the amazing guidance from so many teachers, Masters and angels. Josie candidly shares her life story; her learning and acceptance. She is excruciatingly honest and from that core of her truth, her wisdom and openness can help you and me find ours as well. Oh, to be so vulnerable. It is a narrative that can break your heart open. A good thing.

The most amazing thing, there are many, that I find about Josie and this book, is her access to incredible powerful beings and Masters of Light who want only for each and every one of us to achieve our bliss, know our wonder and be kind human beings. Josie has the rare gift of being able to communicate their teachings, desires and love for us. This book is indeed a blessing.

Read Greetings From the Afterlife. And share it with a friend. And with another. And then get together and talk about it.

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5.0 out of 5 stars  Challenging and Courageous

April 25, 2018

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A stream of consciousness dive into the internecine interstices of our lives on earth and beyond into healing A brave work, Josie, and valuable!

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5.0 out of 5 stars Hope and Healing

April 10, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

A beautiful book written from a place of love. Will read and reread many times it is so vast. Hope it touches you as it has me.

Kathy B.

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing book!!!

Reviewed in the United States on April 11, 2019

This is an amazing book! One of the BEST books I have ever read! I could not put it down. The author writes about her personal experiences and they are fascinating stories. I am so thrilled I bought this book and cannot wait to read her next book.


5.0 out of 5 stars A must read!

Reviewed in the United States on June 5, 2018

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Addictive reading! I can’t wait to see what the next chapter brings. This opens up the realm of possibilities -Pick up a copy!

Amazon Customer


5.0 out of 5 stars A must read for anyone who seeks answers in life, love and more.

Reviewed in the United States on January 16, 2019

Verified Purchase

I have worked with Josie for many years and it is my great honor to know this brilliant person. Josie's writes as she speaks; with love, compassion, deep insight and kind guidance. I have read several chapters twice to better digest the content.

My wish is for everyone who reads Josies books has an opportunity to meet her. She sincerely is an angel on Earth and I am grateful for this excellent book.