About Josie Roase

Listening holds the answers to our questions.

byebyeabuse.com is my complimentary site.

Giving psychic readings, as they were called when I began this work professionally in 1988, was not intentional. It was meant to be, but I hadn’t realized that until it happened. I informally gave someone a reading soon after moving to Colorado, which was something I was doing for a long time before the relocation.  She soon told others and I was in the midst of a new profession.

I had “real careers” before this work. After I left the corporate world in 1988, I went through a near-death experience in Arizona.  I could have chosen to return to the Light, but I entered into a contract we call the Exchange of Light, to finish for Barbara who was unable to complete her life.  Greetings from the Afterlife is my personal debut work and addresses these topics.

I am an avid meditator and have been teaching spiritual development, in addition to offering Energy Healing.  The words Medium and Mystic have become common, and are accurate in describing my abilities because I was not taught how to hear and see the Realms of Light. This came naturally to me.

I’ll tell you what not to expect from me. I don’t read tarot or any other type of divination. I am not an astrologer, dowser, or magician. I will not be gazing into a crystal ball or your cup of tea. The information given refers to, as it is seen now. You can speed up, delay, or cancel some of what you hear.  If something cannot be changed, you will at least be prepared.

When I meet with a group, I describe someone in the gathering and ask if they want a message.  Individual sessions are more in-depth.  I begin a spiritual reading with information I receive from the Light or your loved ones, which might include pets who have passed on.  Medical Intuitive details are included. After this, you can ask your questions.  I don’t recall most of what I tell people so, with our technology today, almost everyone records on their smartphone or iPad.

Sessions are by appointment and done by phone with our without FaceTime or Skype.  Technology is so amazing that

it is as if we are sitting in one another’s presence.  Distance has no effect on offering this communication.


I will be available for giving readings from my book and signings when they are pre-scheduled.

Giving voice to the unseen realms is not what I do, it has become a part of me and my life.

Sometimes, a reading can pause when someone begins a personal conversation. When you stray from what Guidance has to say, do so knowing that you are asking for my opinion, and not what Guidance has to offer.


I have been blessed to become lifelong friends with people who began as clients, and are now my extended family. The Light will bring together people who can co-create a lifetime of happiness. We also meet our teachers who test, try us, and shatter our hearts. Don't ever allow the experience to break your Spirit.  Learn from what happened, because that was why you met.

Pet Communications

We can help you speak with your pets who are having challenges today ~

Your pets remember you! The pets with you today,  want you to understand what we as humans, might not realize. We can tell you what they have to say.  That is fun for you and them, as well as healing.

Koda Sr. and I telepathically communicated when he was here physically. After his death, he made his presence known to others. He still visits me, and I am hoping for him to join me once again.

Several years ago, I worked at the Furry Scurry event in Denver, Colorado. I gave over a hundred messages to pet owners, helping them reconnect with their beloved friends, and understand the pets they had with them.

 You can communicate with your pets now and continue talking with your best friend who passed on.  In the afterlife, there is always time for reconnection.