2020 Began with challenges and will end with.............................

How 2020 ends will largely depend on each one of us. We cannot expect the government to micromanage our behaviors. Laws are set in place for our protection. Laws are not perfect because people are not, but we have medical experts giving data and useful information based on facts. 

I was in the grocery today, wearing my mask when I saw a pregnant woman not wearing a mask. I had a hard time understanding why she did not want to protect her unborn child as much as possible. The news has had some terrible reports of people acting out against being told to wear a mask.

I've always wished that when people were sick, they would stay at home and not share their germs. Now, this is a front-page topic. Let's all do our part and not put ourselves or others in unnecessary jeopardy. If you are ill, remain at home. If you are healthy, do all you can to keep it that way.


Find ways to be at peace, such as listening to a waterfall fountain you can have in your home. Play with your dog, cat, or kids more. Bake and share your goodies. Do some creative writing, read a good book, meditate and envision people everywhere healthy and happy. You will be doing your part to end 2020 in a better tone than it began. THANK YOU:)