At the end of each year, I hear people say they are glad the year is over. 

Then the new year arrives, and it sometimes feels as if nothing has improved or changed in the way you hoped.


2019 is almost half over, and I am still encountering people who hate, lie and refuse to take responsibility for their mistakes and actions, or their bad behaviors.


I keep the people in my life who are honest, trustworthy, loyal,  loving, compassionate and a joy to know. 


When you are trying to figure out how to change your life, one suggestion is to change whom you associate with and allow to influence you. If people are cruel, why would you give them any importance? They do not deserve your time and attention.


Make a promise to yourself that you will attain a peaceful mind and heart not only this year but for your lifetime. 


Practice meditation, mindfulness, yoga or the art of selflessness, and be of service.


Block the phone numbers of people who would harm you. Block the email addresses of those who are in such a dangerous place that they want to strike out and hurt you.


Embrace the people who give as well as take.


Create your family from the people who will support, like and love you.


Don't settle for being mistreated, ever.