Fake News Warning:

You could be the next victim...

The Martino podcast about me and the slander on the Internet are not true. People who take pleasure in lying about others "should not" be able to get away with it, but they do.

No legal charges were filed against me, ever, and Mr. Martino should have found that out before making allegations based on lies.

In Chapter 4 of my book, Greetings from the Afterlife, I address this in more detail. 

Thank you to the many who have so lovingly offered their support.

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I have communicated with the Realms of Light all my life.  In this book, we give you

empirical evidence of the afterlife.


Spiritual predictions, healing, miracles, and meditation improve life. The goal of my website is to bring awareness of greater possibilities through cultivating a conscious connection with the Light.


God, well-known spiritual leaders, and notable persons have brought their messages from the Light to help you.  This is more than a book; it is filled with Divine Energy, solutions, and information to heal our world and end suffering.



          “Josie allowed me to begin reading her book, Greetings from the Afterlife, before its release on Amazon. I take great joy in telling you what I shared with her.

         Josie, I can’t keep the tears back as I read your words. There is a genuine and sincere love and beauty in them. They make me feel accepted and safe. Your words touch me inside very deeply. Profound and wise.  My brother shared a quote that I love, and it makes me think of you.”

“Kindness in words creates confidence.

Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.

Kindness in giving creates love.” ― Lao Tzu

        “ Josie, you are creating love with this book!”  ― Mary Page, Ed.D ― Colorado




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