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Giving voice to the unseen realms

All intuitive services are informative and healing. Below are some of the listed modalities in which I have been trained. 

We all come to Earth with innate healing abilities. At times we can be more effective for another than 

for ourself. When this occurs, seeking someone out to assist in your healing is effective, and I have done this myself as well.

"Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it."   

Helen Keller (June, 1880 - June, 1968)

Josie Roase   Pet Communications

Pet Communications

The journey with our pets takes many roads and the most important is to appreciate the gifts they have to give us. Everyone's lives they touch are different because of the connection they create with us. 

Communicating with them after their passing is a joy!

Josie Roase Medical Intuitive Sessions

Medical Intuitive Sessions

Most of us can "feel" another's pain. Guidance shows me medical conditions you are not aware of and those that you know need healing. Information is given to improve your understanding and give you options for quality of life.

Josie Roase Intuitive/Mediumship Sessions

Intuitive/Mediumship Sessions

As a Mystic I have always naturally received valuable insights for others. In my role as a Medium I communicate with those who have passed on. The possibilities of who will come in to assist you are unlimited.

Josie Roase Couples or Parent/Child Sessions

Couples or Parent/Child Sessions

Includes intuitive guidance or counseling. Guides skillfully direct me to help support you in fulfilling your intention for harmonious relationships. Utilized for adolescent/adult counseling and for relationship building and healing. 

Josie Roase Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine modalities include, but not limited to: Universal Energy, Reiki, Reconnective Healing, 
and Pranic Healing.
Certified Advanced PSYCH-K Facilitator, August 2009.
 Certified Level 3 Reconncective Healing, September 2001.
Certified Reiki Master, November 25, 2001.

Josie Roase The Unseen

The Unseen 

Sometimes,with a camera we are able to capture photos such as this one that we call ORBS. These are from the Intelligence of the Light and came to join us during a class I was giving.

Guidance Sessions

During a session I begin with the information I receive from Guidance. Then you may ask any questions you have. You are encouraged to bring your list with you. Answers are oftentimes given that you did not even know you needed. This will include information for people and animals. 

Private Mentoring/Coaching

When one is ready to become a student to further their development of spiritual understanding, and tap into the Universal Intelligence, a birthing takes place. You will get to know the truth of who you are and what you want to accomplish in this lifetime.

Removing Blocks using F.A.R.

We come into this life with lessons and karma affecting us. In this protocol Guidance has given to me, Foundation Ascension Release, we are able to gently guide you to releasing karmic attachments and impediments to happiness and to create new agreements.

Accepted forms of payment

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PSYCH-K® -  Josie Roase, Advanced PSYCH-K Facilitator

Josie Roase, Advanced PSYCH-K Facilitator

Our beliefs stem from our experiences and shape our lives—even if they are counterproductive to our happiness. We can change our limiting and painful perceptions and beliefs easier and faster than ever before. For life to be lived to the fullest, one must be free of the pain of the past and illusions of the present. What is possible by freeing the mind? Use your imagination!

In the photo are Josie and Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. with Rob Williams, the founder of Psych-K. These men are pioneers in the field of work, proving that our subconscious is a great key to unlocking our power. When offering you a "reading," Josie uses information gathered and the best possible approaches to you achieving your goals are also addressed. Please contact Josie for information about individual services and package offers.

Enjoy the now and insure tomorrow’s happiness.



It is my personal belief that God is the only healer. Love and God, the Intelligence of the Light, activates our Light Centers for healing. When we are able to allow this vibration of love to restore the flow of positive energy in, through, and all around our bodies, healing occurs. When we do not consciously or unconsciously block healing, it has an open doorway to enter.

Healing facilitators are meant to offer our services with the intention of supporting you in your receiving the energy. You can be assisted by eliminating karmic entanglements and contracts counterproductive to your well-being. Many processes are available to support you in healing. Make no doubt about this: You and God are the healers. We all have God consciousness within. Religions, Spiritualists, Atheists, Agnostics, if you live and breathe you are a part of the Creator.