Josie Roase

Answers & Guidance Now
Giving voice to the unseen 

I am Josie Roase, a medium, mystic, and energy medicine facilitator. I have a spiritual commitment to being of service to those physically living and those in the  afterlife by sharing communications between the two realms and co-creating a space in which you heal.

When many question how our world will become unified, how our minds can be at peace, and when we will achieve an environment in which all can thrive, Guidance tells us to turn to the Light through prayer, meditation and service.

Peace is birthed by understanding those whose ways are different and finding a common ground to build upon. Through multi- cultural activities such as music, sports, education, theater, curiosity rather than condemnation, and the intention for peace on Earth, unity can become a reality.

The Light (peace makers) attract great opposition and it wise to remember this and find comfort in the One Authority who governs over all. Prejudice, slander and beliefs of inequality will not create peace. The evils of history only repeats itself when humanity refuses to live humanely.