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Greetings from the Afterlife

Soon to be released on Amazon November 2017!

This book is educational, inspirational and dares to shed light on topics others have yet to resolve. This is on the cutting edge of spirituality and science at its finest. Greetings from the Afterlife is a book like no other.

Blessed since childhood with the abilities to see and communicate with those from the unseen Realms of Light, Josie Roase, Mystic and Medium, offers you messages and information to better understand this life and what to expect from the afterlife.

Josie uses her physical and otherworldly senses as she listens to the Divine Light. In her heightened awareness, Josie receives messages from God, loved ones who have passed, the angelic realm, and Masters. Those she never met reach out to her to communicate directly with you. In her debut book Greetings from the Afterlife, Josie provides an in-depth understanding of our multi-dimensional realities. This non-fiction book will answer many of your questions!

You will hear from those in the Light including people who perished in the Shoah-Holocaust, Charles "Sonny" Liston, a tortured soul who found enlightenment, Jesus Christ and Mother Cabrini. Abortion is discussed for healing and clarity. Discover how gifts and lessons span lifetimes and how reincarnation affects us. Read about Josie's gifts of being a Medium and Mystic as she interacts with the unseen. Divine Light is imbued in the pages of Josie's book offering healing and greater understanding of this human condition we are experiencing. 

Sonny Liston - In a New Light by Paul Gallender with excerpts from Josie Roase’s books A study of the 20th century boxing champion and American icon, Sonny Liston.

Sonny Liston - In a New Light by Paul Gallender with excerpts from Josie Roase’s books

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A study of the 20th century boxing champion and

American icon, Sonny Liston.

From Josie Roase: Through Spirit Communications we get to know that in the afterlife we have the opportunity for redemption and soul advancement. I never liked two opponents fighting for sport. Having known virtually nothing about boxing might have made me an unlikely candidate to hear from Sonny, but my abilities to speak with those who have passed on and the past life connection we had predetermined this would happen.

Sonny and I entered into a prior life contract that I would write for him one day and the day has come. His brilliant accounting of the death experience and afterlife tell us what we can expect. He is loving and generous in guiding us as to how we can improve our lives now.  A portion of his story in is this book and the fullness of his writings is found in Greetings from the Afterlife.

From biographer, Paul Gallender: In a span of fifteen months in the mid-1960’s, heavyweight champion Charles “Sonny” Liston went from being unbeatable to being unmercifully seen as a pariah. Today, the memories of Liston are little more than a footnote to Muhammad Ali’s career. The photograph of Ali standing over Liston has defined Sonny for half a century. It has so obscured his talent and character that most people seem far more interested in knowing how Sonny died than how he lived. Sonny Liston In A New Light is a penetrating look at boxing’s first super heavyweight, a man who was tagged as too big, too black and too fierce for most of America in the ’50’s and ’60’s. This is the story of who Sonny Liston really was and a remarkable glimpse into who he has become. It is unlike any book you have ever read.

God Speaks God, the Intelligence of the Light, which offers us more Light to guide us, lives in everyone. We are each a conduit for this expression and power for creation. This beautiful work brings clarity, joy and offers enlightenment. Hear directly from the Intelligence of the Light and from those who reside in the Light.

God Speaks

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God, the Intelligence of the Light, which offers us more Light to guide us, lives in everyone. We are each a conduit for this expression and power for creation. This beautiful work brings clarity, joy and offers enlightenment. Hear directly from the Intelligence of the Light and from those who reside in the Light.