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Posted by josieroase on May 2, 2017 at 11:20 AM


How often are you grateful for the person who goes above and beyond to help you?

Or, sometimes someone does the right thing and that is special because this does not always happen.

I have lived with the label of "people pleaser" all my life and I never really understood that. I have rather good boundaries, meaning I don't stay around abusive people, or at least I try and learn these lessons more quickly now than I had in the past. Was my being empathetic labeling me a people pleaser? It seemed so. However, I feel that empathy and compassion ought to be the norm and not the surprise, and yet, this is the way of our world. I would like to see people pleaser replaced by acknowledging someone as empathetic and compasionate.

I have known people who foster the belief that if you are compassionate then you are weak. If you are empathetic then you are, dare I say, a people pleaser? Humanity and society would benefit from a change in perception. All this being said, if you use your highest knowledge to discern another's pain or sorrow or need for help, without your being used and abused, then you are doing a great service in the healing of our world. If you will say thank you, or I appreciate you, or how wonderful you are to notice, you will be a blessing. Remember this when you go to the dental office, doctor, at the checkout counter and anytime you have an opportunity to give and receive a blessing.

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