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Posted by josieroase on March 12, 2017 at 11:50 PM


Peace, everyone wants it, don't they? Each person's perception of peace may vary greatly. Some feel peace must be achieved no matter the cost; even if others must die and suffer. I see the faces of unrest everywhere and even at times when I look in the mirror. I have to remind myself that the impermanence of this life is pre-ordained. But peace is a choice. We choose, don't we? No matter what the conditions or who the people are or how government and world conditions war, we still have the option to choose how we feel. At times, we deliberately do not choose peace. We say there can be no peace for me until there is peace for all. We cry because of the suffering of others and give our peace away.

I offer an alternative to being at the mercy of the world and world conditions which threaten peace of mind and heart and health. When we see discordant energy, we can acknowledge that this is one reality. We can bring our attention to our Divine God Self and call forth great powers of Light from Heavenly Source. We can call forth the God within and the healer within. There is much to frighten us on this planet we call our home now. Yet Earth was not always our home and it will not remain so after we take leave of this physical realm. Prepare now to be free by claiming your freedom.

We cannot easily escape the news of the day as others around the world suffer. We are unable to run from those with whom we live who may anger and hurt us at times. We are incapable of righting all wrongs with the wave of a magic wand. What we can do however, is connect with our inner strength of our Spirit and Source and extend that vision of Light to whatever threatens our peace. We might say something to the effect: What I see now is not my truth for the greater truth of health and joy will be revealed and I open my eyes to see this now. Use your own words and feel the emotions strongly as you change your thoughts and change your reality.

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If you have enjoyed reading this and have something to share about how you gain and regain your peace, please send it to [email protected] along with your permission and I will share your contribution on this blog. Blessings and gratitude, Josie


Posted by josieroase on March 11, 2017 at 11:15 PM


I was thinking about people I have known throughout my life who have greatly impressioned me. When I was in grade school I was shy and not prone to wanting to ruffle anyone's emotions. I grew up with chaos in our household and peace was all I longed for. It happened one day that the school bully decided to put her attention on me. I remember the fear I felt when she came up to me and began shoving and taunting me to defend myself. Kids gathered on the playground and with my heart pounding I was sure my life was about to meet a terrible end. Then as she was about to push me again, a girl I barely ever noticed came in between us. She was in a grade before me and she was the tallest girl in any class. I had never spoken to her since we didn't share classes and yet, there she was, now appearing to me as a giant guardian angel, positioned firmly between my attacker and myself.

I recall her name was Patty; she had long dark hair and was very pretty. Patty challenged the bully to face her and grudgingly the bully became quiet and sheepishly walked away. It is interesting to me that even to this day, I cannot recall what the threatening girl looked like, her name, or much of anything about her, other than how she frightened me and I couldn't understand why. I remember Patty. I am still awed by her kindness, bravery and willingness to come to the aid of someone she didn't know, simply because it was the right thing to do. I have sent prayers to Patty over the years, that wherever she is, God may bless and keep her safe and bring her much happiness.

I believe it is a blessing and an opportunity to help another who cannot help themselves. In Judaism, this is called a Mitzvah; to do a good deed without being asked. In Christianity, this might fall into the category of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. In terms of Karma, your good deeds and your lowly deeds are noticed by those who record our actions and we will all atone for such choices. What will you be remembered for? What do you want to stand for? What is most important to you? These are subjects worth thinking about and acting upon with the knowing that you can do so much good in a world so desperately in need of loving kindness.


Posted by josieroase on March 6, 2017 at 8:05 AM


As I begin my day I am thinking about our attitude towards life.

Everything on Earth is temporary and sometimes we see what happens in life as all-consuming and a change in our perception can make each day easier. Think about how your reality changes when you take a trip and arrive in a tropical environment after leaving thirty degrees and snow. Or, how about when you are feeling mentally and emotionally fine, until you see a depressing movie and you walk out of the theatre feeling you want to cry? Our environment, other people and life in general can play havoc with us if we do not see the bigger picture and make better choices.

What would serve you best today as you begin your week? Ignore the remark made out of ignorance by another. Don't get sucked into road rage. When the bills arrive put your energy towards what you have and can manifest rather than what you don't have. So, important to remember:

ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT and then manifests!


Posted by josieroase on February 24, 2017 at 7:35 PM



There are always times we look back and think -  We should have chosen better. If only we knew better at the time! Life is one continuous and intricately forged web of lessons and we live and learn from them or we painfully repeat.

Sometimes we learn the hard way and every now and then we learn through observation and that is usually easier or at least less painful.

There are times when something happens in our lives and our first thought is wow, this will be great, only to find out that is not the case. We have moments we call miracles when something extraordinary occurs and we feel blessed and filled with joy and optimism.

At this time on our planet and in our country, we are all being challenged to know who we are and what we hold to be self-evident truths. A self-evident truth can be knowing that some people can always be counted on because they have proved themselves time and again. Other experiences have taught us that if we continue to have faith in someone or something, even though it has failed us repeatedly, we have to discern when to walk away. Truth reveals itself to us in many ways if we are willing to see its face reflected to us.

We are here to learn a great many things, but most of all we are here to learn about ourselves. What do we stand for? Who and what are we living for and willing to die for? Would they do the same for us with unbridled loyalty?

We don’t give to get but there is no wisdom in casting pearls before swine, as the expression goes. It is time to wake up or grudgingly allow others to chart our course for us. Often, we know what we need to do but don’t take the initiative. We are not powerless - We are powerful. We are not alone for the entire universe is watching to see what Earth and her inhabitants are choosing.

The new moon is arriving soon on February 26, 2017 at 9:58 Eastern time. What does this mean to us? I am not an astrologer but I know that there are planetary influences. Statistics have shown that more babies are born on the full moon and more crimes committed too. But I also have seen some people are simply feeling empowered with the full moon energy and they marry, make good choices and feel happier and even a bit more helpful. I believe that the energies of the planet while always present, are not necessarily positive or negative. They may provide energy boosts or drains depending upon how we handle their influences.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx On this link I found a very simplistic explanation of energy being neither created nor destroyed:

“This is one of the most important rules that scientists have found which describes natural phenomena. Unfortunately there is no non-circular proof of energy conservation -- in the end, all laws of physics that we know of are the result of observation, formation of hypotheses, making predictions, and testing them. Conservation of energy is one such law. If energy could be created or destroyed, all of our ideas of how the world works would have to be modified in some way (and we’d learn something very perplexing). But so far, energy seems not to be created or destroyed.

Energy can be converted from one form to another, though. Mechanical energy, such as the kinetic energy of motion, can be converted to heat energy, for example in the heating of a car’s brakes when it slows down. Chemical energy in the gasoline of the car can be converted into both heat energy in the exhaust and heating the engine, and into mechanical energy to move the car. Potential energy, such as the gravitational potential energy stored in an object which is on a high shelf, can be converted into kinetic energy as the object falls down. Electrical energy can be converted to heat or mechanical energy or sound energy in a variety of useful ways around the house using common appliances.

It is often the conversion of one form of energy to another which is the most important application of this rule. Often predictions of the behavior of physical systems are very much more easily made when using the idea that the total amount of energy remains constant. And careful measurements of different kinds of energy before and after a transformation always show that the total always adds up to the same amount.

Historically, of course not all the forms of energy were known to begin with. Scientists had to keep inventing more forms to keep the law of energy conservation true. If that process had gotten too messy or complicated to make sense, we would have had to give up the law.

One very interesting feature of energy is that other forms can be converted into rest mass and back again (particle physicists do this every day in their accelerators). Einstein’s E=mc^2 gives the relationship between the rest mass of a particle (measured in standard mass units) and the amount of energy that corresponds to (measured in standard energy units). It even applies to other systems where particles are neither created nor destroyed. If a box contains some air at a temperature, and then is warmed up, it will become ever so slightly more massive because of the extra energy given to it. You can call that rest mass of the whole box or the mass equivalent of the kinetic energy of the particles in it- nature doesn’t care what names you give it.”


Let’s say that since energy is neutral we have tremendous power. We can take water and turn it into a refreshing drink, ice, or use it forcefully to squelch a fire. What do you want to do with your energy?

Again, I am not an astrologer……but we are told that during a new moon there is an opportunity to create, think, be and do something new. The key element in succeeding is often taking note of what stands between success and what you want to bring into your life. I feel that opportunity exists every moment of our lives. Each second we ae bombarded by positive and negative energy in the forms of thoughts, environment, psychic energy, our sub-conscious and so much more.

Instead of thinking of a new moon as the best time to begin anew, I suggest that with each breath you take you are aware  you are creating and co-creating. If we are conscious, meaning aware of the power our words and actions have, then we create consciously. The Universal Consciousness, God, The Intelligence of the Light, ALWAYS support us in conscious creation. Unconscious creation is living without a blueprint and it never will accomplish building the life you want or satisfying your goals and dreams. Be awake, aware, self-reflective, meditate, journal if that is something you enjoy doing or whatever it takes to get yourself to listen – to your higher self.

You don’t have to wait for February 26, 2017 to make use of the power inside of you to manifest. Remember, you are always at the core for what you are experiencing in your life. Planetary influences are just that – influences.

Happy Manifesting and New Beginnings! Josie


Near Death Experiences

Posted by josieroase on February 23, 2017 at 9:10 PM


We are all familiar with the saying that you cannot escape death and taxes.

The good news is: There is no death!  I am not the only one who knows this to be a fact. You can copy and paste and go to these links below that I am sharing with you. The interviews are wonderfully done and heartwarming.  ; OPRAH INTERVIEWS ; NEAR DEATH TALK ON "TED TALKS"


Posted by josieroase on February 16, 2017 at 12:40 AM


“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won.

There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall.

Think of it--always.”


Posted by josieroase on February 14, 2017 at 2:20 PM

This Valentine's Day I dedicate this to those who have had a heart filled with love and shared their love with me.

With gratitude and joy, I thank all who so generously saw my Light and shared their Light with me and who did the best they could.  I saw their wounds and their flaws and love them still. Thank you for sifting  through all that I am and seeing the love.

True love is flawed but it is loyal, for we are human and not yet fully realized in our divinity. True love can only be felt, given, shared and experienced by the selfless; those unafraid to give all without expecting anything in return. Do not grieve when your true love is not returned. He, she or they are not yet ready. Let them grow. Allow true love to find you.


Posted by josieroase on February 10, 2017 at 12:25 AM


We have many euphemisms for saying something more politically correct or just to be kind. Examples are when we state: He passed away or we had to put the dog to sleep. We do this to avoid the inevitable word and event; death.

In some cultures, death is not believed to be an ending but rather a transition into the Light, or to be in Spirit. Our history is rich with renderings of pictures from Egypt of how they carefully equipped the deceased with what they would need to take with them into the Spirit World following their physical death. 

My near-death experience in 1988 and subsequent visitations in the Light and with God have revealed to me that:

1. There is no death, only a movement from the physical to the non-physical

2. Animals as well as people move into the Light and continue life

3.  We do not take material gains or objects with us when we take leave of this life

4. What matters in the afterlife is how well we loved, our compassion and insights into our self-realization that we are spiritual beings of Light housed in physical bodies.

When you find yourself stripped of your physical appearance, status of wealth or poverty, identity of health or illness, education or lack of one, color of your skin and all else that defines you in the physical world, what will be of importance is how far you have come on your journey of understanding one basic truth: How you treat others is what you will one day experience.

Take in the magnitude of the statement long ago written: "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." No religious dogma is attached to this for it is truth. The Universal Laws rule that how you make another feel you must also be made to feel. This is to teach and not punish you, so that you learn the dictates of Right Action.  A lie, a punch, a deliberate attempt to harm another, are all recorded in the Records of Life. There is no escaping this law of what is a just balance of cause and effect.

Death would not need euphemisms if it were seen for what it is - We have another opportunity to better our understanding of what it is to be given life by our Creator. We do not die. We are here temporarily for the experience of learning at a very fast pace which the physical embodiment affords us. Use this wisely now and you will find that when you pass on into the afterlife, the Light, Spirit, you will be that much further ahead in your soul evolution.


Posted by josieroase on February 6, 2017 at 12:45 AM


When we think of creating we are in truth, "co-creating." We are forever linked with the Universal Consciousness and Source. When ideas come to us that are genius we are tapping into our "higher self" or "Spirit" or we may be picking up on the ideas stored in the ethers of psychic energy.

In 1988, I had decided that the most important desire of mine was to be in God's Presence consciously and to bring back the memory of the event. I began a meditation given to me by God which was to answer my prayer for this conscious connection. I applied myself with great dedication and love to using the meditation exercise and after many months I did indeed have this extraordinary experience on October 18, 1999.

Following my experience with God, one day as I was speaking to a group, a man stood up to address me and his news was fascinating. He told me that he had just read a book "The Evolution Angel" by an emergency room physician in Boulder, Colorado. He went on to say that the meditation I had achieved and was teaching for more than six months was almost identical to what the doctor wrote about in his book. How was this possible? Information is all around us and whoever picks up on this creative knowledge may use this.

I decided to practice what was given to me directly by God and Dr. Abrams took to writing about this in a book. Two individuals who had never met were able to receive the information from the Light. The Light issues many inspirations for us to heal, advance in our knowledge and become more of the Light that we are. When you are feeling in need of anything, try and remember that you are never alone. There is always a field of energy available to you from which you can draw comfort, ideas and others to come into your life to manifest your heart's desires. Two by two, Source and you, answers come and joy is birthed.


Posted by josieroase on February 1, 2017 at 5:40 AM


Parenting is said to be the hardest job in the world. Guidance tells me this is partly because parents are children too. Parents are expected to do everything right but they are not perfect and incapable of achieving such a stature as the perfect parent. Another reason parenting is such a challenge is that your children are not just children. They are Spirit in physical form just as you are. They have karmas, blessings, challenges and lessons they must learn in this lifetime exactly like you. You can give wise counsel but that does not mean they will accept what you tell them. You might have four children and wonder how they are all so different. Why did one learn so easily in school and the other drop out? What is the reason behind the one who rebelled against everything you said and the other two who listened, followed through on the teaching and succeeded? You brought them into this world but you did not create them. One greater than you or I created life and each one has the opportunity to learn from the other. In families, it is a two-way road of give and take. It is not always proportioned out evenly. It is very pretty to say every child deserves love, and yet so often forgotten, every adult needs love. Giving does not guarantee getting. Is there a fool proof formula for successful parenting? Know yourself as the child and adult that you are. Know that the One who created you and all else has a plan for each life. Heal your wounds. Love yourself. Don't expect perfection and don't say you will deliver it either. Remember that children are mighty spiritual beings in physical form, only smaller than you, the adult. In a perfect world, or Advanced Earth, all would be "perfect" but this is not that place. Once again, know yourself and then you can allow another to be who they deem they need to be and you will take better care of yourself as well as allow them to learn as they see necessary.

Doctors are said to be practicing medicine. Why, when they have already earned their credentials entitling them to be "doctors," are they still referred to as practicing?" The same answer would apply to parenting and practicing medicine: Everyone is here to learn, to heal and to understand through empathy. We are to learn to have healthy boundaries, self-respect and self-love. Through this we can then move on to discovering what it is to love and respect another. Trial and error, that is life.

There are no perfect parents, children, healers, physicians, or teachers, because there are no perfect humans. It is only when we come from our Spirit, our Light, that we can be in a state of perfection and offer that to another. We have varying degrees of perfection and that is how we discern who the teachers and leaders are for us. And yet, they too fail to be perfect. In a world where perfection is seemingly missing, what is the solution for co-creating peace?

You can begin to know yourself, but sometimes that is easier said than done. How do you find out who you really are and where you came from or where you are going after this life ends? People keep themselves busy earning money, accumulating things, finding new projects to keep themselves busy and try to keep up with family and friends. Self-knowledge often is not a priority. Learning how to take care of one's vehicle is often left to the mechanic. Dental health is remedied by the dentist if you are willing to do your part too. If you want to learn a trade you go to a school to teach you. And most importantly, if you want to know yourself, what do you do? You can enter therapy, hypnosis, meditation, and you can choose to go into nature and just be. To be in the moment, to quiet the mind, to still the heart, to become receptive to the sounds of silence, will heal you in ways you hadn't imagined but hoped were possible.