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Giving voice to the unseen realms

I am Josie Roase, a medium, mystic, and energy medicine facilitator. I commit to bringing messages from the unseen Realms of Light to those seeking healing, peace, and knowledge. 

The movement for healing the feminine and masculine roles has begun. In my book, the Masters discuss how men and women can help one another to transform individually and together.  Old thinking is falling away, and with it, the limiting roles the sexes have used.  We must become one another's best friend.

God, Masters of Light, Mother Cabrini, Jesus Christ and others will be speaking to you through this book. Their religion, if I were to say they have one, is Love.

"Man's highest faculty is not reason but intuition: Apprehension of knowledge derived immediately and spontaneously from the soul, not from the fallible agency of the senses or of reason. Intuition is the bridge between the soul and the ego's thoughts and sensations. If one can for a sufficient length of time remain unidentified with thoughts and sensations, and without being unconscious, he will know through the development of intuition the nature of the soul."  – Paramahansa Yogananda

A little about who I am.  I speak for, and to, unseen beings in the Light.  

Messages I received for my parents over the years proved to be life-saving. 

There have always been others such as myself who could access the Living Light for guidance. Because this is my calling in this lifetime, I offer these services.  There are many uncertainties in life but there are equally definitive truths that have been proven to me:

* There is no death

* Animals return to the Light like humans                                                                                                                        

* Love on Earth pales in comparison to Divine Love

* We are never alone

* What we think affects everything and everyone. Everything is energy and our thoughts are powerhouses of energy


Every year we look forward to more love, health, fulfillment, success, and happiness.  We have barely begun 2018.  Something we can do to increase our joy is to have a vision. It is critical to know what we want before we can make it manifest. 

An important ingredient in creating something new is releasing anything old holding us back.  If what you are holding onto is keeping you stuck, it is time to let it go.

Everyone has an opinion, maybe not the true one or the best one, but you cannot control what others will think about you. What you can do, is be your best.

This beautiful piece of Rhodochrosite (picture below) was a gift given to me. You can see the keeper of the stone easily. The eyes are looking right at you. This is a stone of love and when you meditate on it, expect miracles when your heart opens.

“Josie, I want to join you now as you write, to tell your readers that all tears are felt in the Realms of Light and We know better your value than you can imagine yourselves to have. We hide our appearances in the shadows of your minds. We come to you as comforting thoughts and with Healing Hands of Light when you are in pain. When I lived as Sonny Liston, I did not feel the comfort and I did not sense the Healing Hands of Light, for I was lost in the throes of anger, self-pity, and whatever I could find to mask the pain of the world for periods of time. I refused the help offered. I rejected my intuition. I feared the silence necessary to obtain peace. The only great peace I had was when I felt love and I am telling you something of great importance…think about what you just read. THE ONLY TIME I FELT PEACE WAS WHEN I FELT LOVE."   – Sonny Liston

From Sonny Liston as channeled to Josie Roase 

Excerpt from forthcoming book Greetings from the Afterlife



I have spent  my entire life in service to  others. Different vocations have evolved over the years, but the central theme of loving has guided my every action.

In service to the Light,

Josie Roase

I am committed to my partnership with the Intelligence of the Light and those who have passed from this life. 

I am able to link communications between the seen and unseen realms for comfort, healing, and insight. I maintain confidentiality at all times while providing respect and empathy to clients. 


  Greetings from the Afterlife is co-authored by many who reside in the Realms of Light.

You will discover information that to my knowledge does not appear anywhere else. This is a bold and sincere statement.

My life has been a testimony to the grace of the Light. We are not expected to be perfect, only to improve daily. Harmlessness, selflessness, and compassion will heal us.

Meditation, when practiced routinely, eventually becomes who you are, not what you do.

If one form of meditation does not feel comfortable to you, try another, just keep trying.

Meditating is "listening." Praying is speaking your  truth. Listen, and you will hear what you need.

Meditating gives you access to remembering your true identity of Light and frees you from the constraints of life on Earth.


The intention is always to give you more information with which you can make better choices. You are at the helm of your destiny, and we will provide a fuller picture of your possible futures. If you need to prepare for something that is unavoidable that information will be given.

You receive information in a truthful and compassionate delivery.

Astonishing proof of life after life is generously offered with respect and empathy. 

Acceptance, humor, and support during some of life’s most difficult challenges color all meetings.

Sessions that are one to one, couples, in a group, and public speaking, are brought to you from the Intelligence of the Light to offer you a direct pathway to self-love, re-creating your life, manifesting joy, healing, and love. 

Animal communications come to you directly from the Light or your beloved pets.

Om, peace, Shanti, Mitakuye Oyasin, Shalom and gratitude to Adonai -